Swiftech H240-X AIO Watercooler Now Available

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The new Swiftech cooler is finally here! The H240-X is their latest all-in-one CPU cooler and it packs a range of cool new features that set it apart from the competition. The H240X features a large dual 140mm copper radiator, a pair of 140mm fans, an enthusiast grade pump and water block; making this more of a hybrid AIO / Custom loop cooler than a true AIO.

Designed for low noise and high performance operation, the Swiftech is designed and engineered to be a premium grade product. The unit is pre-filled and ready for plug and play installation, so it is beginner friendly, but it packs enough high-end performance and features to entertain the enthusiast market. The cooler can be fully customized; it features easily replaceable tubing and fittings, the included pump has more than enough power for you to extend the loop and cool your graphics cards, or even support extra radiators.

The most unique aspect of the H240X is the radiator / pump combo. Most coolers have the pump on the CPU block, but the H240X has its pump built into the radiator, which also features a backlit reservoir so you can see the coolant level.

Gabriel Rouchon, Swiftech’s chairman and CEO declared: “When we released the H220-X last July, the clear message was: “Swiftech is back with a vengeance”, but there were still a few larger size units that came nibbling at the ankle.. Enters the H240-X which further widens the performance gap between our technology and that of the competition: whether it is run-of-the-mill AIO’s or custom offerings, the H240-X delivers superior results at a wallet friendly price-point.”

The H240-X isn’t cheap at $149.95, but given the range of features and the design on offer, we think this is pretty reasonable.

Thank you Swiftech for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Swiftech.

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