Supermicro X11SAE Workstation (Intel C236) Motherboard Review

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System Performance

We don’t use a dedicated graphics card in this system but rather just test the pure motherboard performance and due to that, some tests can’t be run. They require a 3D capable graphics card and the onboard solution is merely a 2D solution meant for management. After all, this is a server board.

PassMark PerformanceTest 8.0


SPECwpc 1.2

SPECwpc is the first benchmark to measure all key aspects of workstation performance based on diverse professional applications. The latest version is SPECwpc V1.2 (introduced on June 3, 2015), which extends performance measurement from physical to virtualized workstations. Results from SPECwpc V1.2 are comparable to those from SPEC V1.0.4, but not to any version before that.

SuperMicro_X11SAE-Bench-system - specwpc

More than 30 workloads are included in SPECwpc V1.2 to test CPU, graphics, I/O and memory bandwidth. The tests are divided into the application categories listed below. Individual scores are generated for each test and a composite score for each category is generated based on a reference machine, yielding a “bigger is better” result. The reference machine has the following configuration: x3430 processor, 8GB (4x2GB) memory, V4800 graphics, and SATA 7.2k rpm hard disk drive.

SuperMicro_X11SAE-chart-system specwpc 1

SuperMicro_X11SAE-chart-system specwpc 2

SuperMicro_X11SAE-chart-system specwpc 3

SuperMicro_X11SAE-chart-system specwpc 4

SuperMicro_X11SAE-chart-system specwpc 5

SuperMicro_X11SAE-chart-system specwpc 6

Article Index

  1. Introduction, Specifications, and Packaging
  2. A Closer Look & Layout Analysis
  3. The Test System and Test Software
  4. BIOS
  5. CPU Performance
  6. Memory Performance
  7. Storage Performance
  8. Network Performance
  9. Audio Performance
  10. System Performance
  11. Power Consumption
  12. Final Thoughts & Pricing
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