Successful Streamer is Using a Pirated Copy of The Witness

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The Witness

Jonathan Blow is one of the most recognizable names in the indie development scene and best known for creating the hit puzzle game, Braid. In addition to Super Meat Boy, Braid showcased the kind of creativity and unique experiences players could expect from independent studios. Clearly, Braid’s wonderful aesthetic and captivating level design made it a huge success story. To build on the success of Braid, Jonathan Blow decided to work on a brand new title called, The Witness set in an open world enviroment with dozens of locations to explore. Furthermore, the game has over 500 extremely challenging puzzles and offers a lengthy single player experience.

Unfortunately, The Witness has fallen victim to extremely high piracy numbers and already become the most downloaded game on an unnamed pirate site, (most probably The Pirate Bay).

Arguably, the game’s $39.99/£29.99 price tag could be a root cause of this very high piracy rate as people feel it’s overpriced for an indie puzzler. Please remember piracy doesn’t always mean the individual in question simply wants the game for free. Perhaps, the price is a concern, and it’s downloaded as a form of testing. Although, it’s clear many pirates have this intention and never buy the game. On the other hand, much cheaper titles including Grey Goo suffered from similar piracy rate which discredits the idea of pricing being the single cause. It’s probably a contributing factor though.

Unbelievably, a very successful streamer with 3 million views has been broadcasting the game using a pirated copy. This is absolutely astonishing because the person in question is clearly going to make at least $40 back from donations, or other means. It’s extremely stupid for someone with a small channel, but when you’re so influential and making an impressive amount of money, it shows a complete lack of respect for game developers. Jonathan Blow didn’t name the streamer, but it’s certainly something which almost defies belief.

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6 Comments on Successful Streamer is Using a Pirated Copy of The Witness

  • Kurt Kuppens says:

    i get if someone pirates a game as more of a demo then i see nothing wrong with it but if someone likes a game they should for sure buy it even if they beat the pirated game :/ but when people are just pirating just to get a game for free that is just dumb

  • フィリップ オルソン says:

    lol the game wasn’t even that fun played it for like 30 mins

  • Wesley Avrett says:

    I like the fact that the creator of the game knows they’re using a pirated copy, and is doing nothing about it. This only further proves how worthless of a game it truly is. If you see someone using stolen goods, fucking sue them, right? 3 million views? You’re down to make a few million dollars if you go after them for theft, because they’re making a profit off of your game, by showcasing it for free.

    • David Anthony White says:

      They are also liable to make a few bucks from the promotion LP’s are proven to provide, if only the game wasn’t hugely overpriced.

  • Stephen Westervelt says:

    the witness is overpriced as hell. its pretty yes, but worth 40 dollars???? fuck no. Ill buy it when steam has a sale.

  • David Anthony White says:

    I don’t mean to be a dick, but that streamer should have been given a copy, you need to learn how to marketing in this day and age Jonny boy, the game is way to expensive for a short single player experience, and people who are interested in streaming it and have massive followings aren’t being given the tools they need (aka review codes) to provide you with cheap effective advertising. You really need to stop blaming everyone else and up your game mate.

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