Star Citizen is Splitting in Two

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star citizen

The Cloud Imperium Kickstarted space sim Star Citizen is splitting into two, with the single player and online multiplayer components becoming separate entities. While either of the two components can be bought for a fee of $45 – the existing price for the whole package – the other can be added for an extra $15. The single player campaign will now be known as Squadron 42.

“When we started Star Citizen’s crowdfunding campaign,” the press release reads, “the plan was that earlier backers would get a lower price on the Star Citizen starter package than those that backed later. The plan was to first gradually increase the price and then split up various modules for a la carte options. This gave backers who joined the project early on and helped get it off the ground an advantage.”

“The ‘package split’ is the first introduction of the anticipated a la carte option. You can pick which part of the game you’re interested in, for now the single player campaign or the persistent universe, and then can choose whether or not to purchase the other module as an add-on.”

Star Citizen became the most successful crowdfunded game when it raised $2,134,374 on Kickstarter nearly three years ago, later launching a series of stretch goals which raised $108,603,002 (at time of writing).

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3 Comments on Star Citizen is Splitting in Two

  • Avatar Alexander Smith says:

    If EA did this, everyone’s heads would explode.

  • Avatar Enjoy says:

    The single player component was always called Squadron 42. They are not splitting the game. It is going to function as it always has. Your progress in Squadron 42 will still affect your persistent universe game. The two are still connected. Basically, it’s just going to cost more money, that’s the only difference.

  • Avatar Spencer Dodge says:

    How can I report this for being fucking retarded?

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