Star Citizen FPS Gameplay Revealed

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star citizen

Star Citizen is shaping up to be the most ambitious and spectacular PC games ever created. Not only will it have a vast galaxy to explore in space ships, but it will be populated with planets to explore, trade with and more. On top of that you can expect epic space battles in a wide range of advanced ships, as well as a crazy mixture of salvage, pirating, policing and other fun in this MMO extravaganza.

If that isn’t enough, there is also a fully fledged FPS element to the game. The team at Cloud Imperium Games have just revealed a stunning 9 minute video that demonstrates this element of the game for the first time. If you were excited about Star Citizen before, prepare to be blown away.

The games crowd funding is still going strong and rapidly approaching $60 million. The team continues to add new stretch goals and features to this already impressive protect and we simply cannot wait to see it once it is complete. Unfortunately, the Arena Commander beta we have right now will have to do.

Thank you Gamespot for providing us with this information.

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    *drools excessively* *dies from dehydration* *get revived by my stronk will to play it* *drowns in the drool*

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