Star Citizen Devs Will Create Alien Languages if Funding Hits $50 Million

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A recent statement from Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium says that if the game hits $50 million in crowd-funding, then the game will reap the benefit of newly created alien languages to better enhance immersion within the game.

Before you scream “$50 million are they freaking crazy!” keep in mind that while the game did original seek to raise $500,00 in funding, an amount that many sceptics deemed impossible, yet the game hit a mind-blowing $48 million in funding just this week. Another $2 million doesn’t sound that big a stretch from $48 million.

The game has already hit so many stretch goals, with new ones having to be created to justify the huge pile of money they’ve received. New ships, in-game fantasy adverts, better graphics and now more advanced voice acting all being squeezed into this already vast title.

“The ongoing funding keeps the project running on the scale it is today,” Roberts said, “but we’re also eager to find ways to improve what we’ve already planned. We’ve come up with one for the $50 million goal that we think will truly improve the immersion, and help make Star Citizen a living, breathing world.”

Do you speak Banu? We will work with real-world linguists to create distinctive and realistic alien languages for Star Citizen’s three biggest alien races, the Vanduul, the Xi’An and the Banu. No universal translators, no garbled animal noises: Star Citizen’s aliens will be speaking their own authentic languages!” said CI in an official release.

There is still a lot to be done in terms of development, but the future of Star Citizen is already very bright.

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