SpeedQuizzing into the Future

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If this is the first time you have heard about SpeedQuizzing, this could be your lucky day in more ways than one. SpeedQuizzing as an event has taken the basis of the old fashioned pub quiz and sent it flying into the future!

For those of you who are familiar with the old style pen and paper pub quiz, you may have noticed that many players cheat. Practically everyone carries a mobile phone of some description with them nowadays and as a result it has become all too easy for players to cheat by finding the quiz answers online. Well not anymore!

SpeedQuizzing has been designed to completely eliminate the cheating factor and to bring the old style pub quiz right up to date. Here is how SpeedQuizzing works and this is why these events are increasing almost daily in popularity all over the world. SpeedQuizzing runs from software that is accessed by the host of each quiz via his/her laptop. Each team taking part needs just one mobile handset; this can be an android, iPhone or any other Smartphone. The SpeedQuizzing app is a FREE application that is downloaded onto the mobile device chosen.

The app will then turn the handset into a virtual buzzer and device for answering questions. The main premise of SpeedQuizzing is not just being able to answer the question correctly; it is being the first team to press your buzzer before anyone else! Some questions are numerical or multiple choice, the keypad of your phone allows you to answer by pressing letters or numbers.

The picture rounds will have images sent to your mobile screen, so no more incomprehensible, photocopied blurry pictures of famous people in this quiz!

Music rounds are fast and furious as teams try to guess a song title from the instrumental at the start of each track. Also for added fun, each team are given a team tune at the start of the evening, which is played each time your team hits their buzzer first to respond to a question.

Even those people who say they aren’t very good at quizzing, can leap from bottom to top in one of the bonus rounds where instead of getting points, you are bumped up to first place by getting a special question correct. But be careful, in some rounds a wrong answer can freeze you out of the next questions or lose you points!

All in all this is a fast-paced, fun and lively pub quiz. To become a host and bring SpeedQuizzing to your local area, take a look at http://www.speedquizzing.com/ to find out how to become a host and also to watch a live SpeedQuizzing event in action.
There is nothing else quite like a SpeedQuizzing event, why not be the first to bring a little bit of the future to your town!

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