Sova Wireless Modular Gaming Keyboard From ROCCAT in Development

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ROCCAT_Sova_01As a brand, ROCCAT are very well-known for their innovative designs and also the high level of German engineering that goes into each and every product that they have in their catalogue. Earlier in the year we even saw first hand during a tour of their design studios just how much effort goes into the creation of a new product, from the very moment that a pen is put to paper, through the first mock-ups and then on to the testing and final quality control before mass production. It’s safe to say that we were more than impressed with the effort that they put into staying one step ahead of the consumer, predicting what their needs may be and additionally by responding to their feedback by the means of new and improved products.

Suffice to say, their latest creation, the Sova Wireless Gaming Keyboard, has already proved to be a massive hit – and it is not even out of its development stages yet. During E3 which finished only a few weeks ago, ROCCAT revealed the Sova as a development concept, asking for feedback and response from the fans themselves to see what they thought of the idea and what they feel should be included.

Following on from the reveal, ROCCAT are taking the Sova down a different path of development that none of their previous products have had, by taking the users through the development phase with them via the means of an online blog (which can be found here) and a dedicated website which will give all the information that you may want on the product and how it is moving along (which can be found here)

In a statement regarding the development of the Sova, ROCCAT CEO René Korte says

“We are thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response we have received for the Sova. We realize that now is not the time to sit back and wait, but to give fans what they want as quickly as possible. We’re ready to go full speed into our refinement process, and want our fans to see the hard work that goes into moving a ROCCAT product from its development phase, into what you see at retail. The Sova is coming, it is going to be an amazing piece of gaming hardware, and you’ll get to follow every step on that journey in our newly launched Sova Development Blog.”

“We are a company that has always lived by integrated product development, where our entire internal team has input on the creation of our peripherals,” adds René. “We are taking things a step further by inviting our fans to participate in this process. The Blog will have surveys and comment sections, allowing them to help guide the process by which we bring the final Sova to the masses.”

“We believe our fans will develop an even deeper appreciation for what goes into making a ROCCAT product when they follow along with these excellent vlogs, and interact with the ROCCAT Team. We plan on making them exciting, engaging, informational, and fun. Very few companies in our business open up to the public quite like this, and we hope to set a precedent in that regard now, and for years to come.”

Naturally we will be keeping an eye ourselves on the progress of this radically different approach to wireless peripherals for gaming users and we will be sure to get our hands on one of the boards ourselves as soon as we can to see first hand what the Sova is like to own and use.

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