Sony’s SmartEyeglass Becomes Available for Pre-Order

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Sony’s Google Glass alternative, SmartEyeglass, has finally become available for pre-order. You can reserve a ‘developer’ unit today for $840 in the US, Germany and the UK, before the release date of March 10th.

The glasses utilise augmented reality, in a way very much similar to Google’s Glass – a product currently on hold. There are some differences to Google’s equivalent, such as the fact that it needs to be paired to a smartphone and its terribly bulky appearance (many laughed at ‘Glassholes’, who knows how many will laugh at people like the woman in image the above). It’s also worth mentioning the green user interface – something perhaps not as appetising when compared to Google’s almost fully-featured UI.

Of course, all of these things could change, but considering the current state of Google’s project, who knows what Sony will do with SmartEyeglass.

Source: The Verge

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4 Comments on Sony’s SmartEyeglass Becomes Available for Pre-Order

  • Avatar André C says:

    paying that much i think ppl should expect a far better product… i don’t totaly dislike it, but that bulky microphone, the glasses look and green only? asking on the 300-500 (for novelty) would be tops

  • Avatar Enjoy says:

    “I’m in a plaza, here’s the view.” (picture of the top of a building) WTF!?!?!?!

    I’ve never seen a product demo that makes me not want something as much as this. At least Microsoft’s dumb looking Hololens looks like it will do cool stuff. What Sony needed for this video is at least the appearance of a killer app. Nothing these people did seemed more useful than walking down the street with your phone in your hand.

  • Avatar Jeremy says:

    I agree, it looks hideous. But, like any other wearable mobile device, this will get better with time. Eventually they’ll look like regular glasses and you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference. Look at what we’re critiquing here! A pair of glasses that can shoot goddamn pictures and project one-way text onto glass. Reminds me of the Loius CK rant on flying in planes… Too true.

  • Avatar Cory Flickr says:

    These are fugly add that to the insane price point and you have a really nasty turd. I can’t see anyone wanting to wear these. Yes I understand they are in development but my god what were they thinking.

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