Someone Built a Home to Withstand a Zombie Attack!

by - 6 years ago


When you’ve got $1.75 million, a cold-war missile silo and a bit of spare time, there really is only one thing you should be doing – building a zombie proof home of epic proportions! This home in Adirondacks was built on top of an old cold-war missile silo, but the house on top, really is just the beginning of something far more impressive.

On the surface, there’s a nice 2,000 square foot house, a runway, and airplane. As you go downstairs, you’ll find a blast proof door with keypad entry system. The house then spirals down a staircase through the old missile silo, until you reach a 2,300 square foot area of the house, built directly into the former launch control center.

The new accommodation has its own air supply, is fully soundproofed, has 10 foot ceilings, two bedrooms and is equipped with lots of luxuries throughout. What’s crazy is that there’s still 9 stories of the silo unused. So there’s certainly room to expand the unit, but given that it’s already run a cost of almost $2 million to get this far, I can’t imagine it’ll be cheap to go down another 9 levels.











It’s a very cool house, but perhaps the owner needs to watch less zombie movies.

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8 Comments on Someone Built a Home to Withstand a Zombie Attack!

  • Avatar Enjoy says:

    Zombies are a metaphor. Possibly a simile or analogy. Regardless, there are much worse things than zombies. This house seems to be somewhere the people who built it will feel safe in the impending disaster. As The Walking Dead has taught us; it’s not the zombies that are the real problem, it’s the people. This is not a zombie bunker, it’s a people bunker. I wish I had the money to build something like that. I don’t know when, but there will be a collapse. This looks like a great place to ride it out.

    • Avatar Nathan Lloyd says:

      i was thinking convert the remaining levels to hydroponics and grow your own food down there. granted you will need some livestock for natural fertilizer as chemical stuff is crap

  • Avatar Rhigaerd says:

    This is a building block for a Vault of the Future.

  • Avatar Matthew Pierson says:

    it’s helpful for more than just zombie attacks. I am going to build something similar

    • Avatar David says:

      Yeah, good luck funding that bullshit.

      • Avatar Zed Clampet says:

        You really are 12 aren’t you? I could tell by your maturity levels.

        • Avatar David says:

          So let me get this straight. I leave a comment calling you stupid (You know, because you actually did come across EXTREMELY stupid) so you sat and stalked my entire disqus account with the sole intention of leaving childish remarks on every comment I made by calling me stupid and implying my brain doesn’t work….and then you say that I must be 12? Made obvious by my maturity levels?
          Do you not even see the irony in what you just did?
          Oh of course you didn’t, because you’re incredibly thick and slow.
          Seriously, grow the fuck up kid.

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