Smart Glass Has Potential To Give Smartphone DSLR Grade Photos

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Smartphones are really making big waves in the world of photography these days, the quality of sensors, lens and the processors behind it all have come along a lot in recent years. However, as good as smartphones are getting, you will still struggle to get the kind of performance of a professional camera such as a DSLR, but new “Smart Glass” technology could be one innovation that closes the gap.

Smart Glass technology can mimic the shutter capabilities of a traditional camera, allowing better adjustments for light, exposure and focus, much in the same was n iris on a DSLR can open and close to make adjustments to the shot.

“There is no technology today that can realize an iris aperture for smartphone cameras,” said Tobias Deutschmann, physicist at the Technische Universitaet Kaiserslautern in Germany and lead-author of the study.

“The [smartphone] cameras would benefit from an iris, because it allows [the camera] to change the depth of focus, which is not possible right now, and would further close the gap in functionality between smartphone cameras and conventional digital cameras,” Deutschmann told Live Science. “In addition it would be an option to create larger optics for the smartphones to increase the picture quality in bad light situations, like at night, while the iris would decrease the amount of light that reaches the sensor in bright environments.”

Smart Glass is an electrochromic material, its transparency can be changed in response to light or heat, or by applying voltage to it. A technology which can allow for a micro-iris and forming an aperture style device to adjust how much light enters the camera sensor.

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