SimCity Goes On Sale And New Airship DLC Is Launched

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If you have yet to purchase SimCity and you have been waiting for a sale, now might be the right time to buy. Unless of course you just are not interested in the game. I am one where I will read what others comment about games, but it seems that many people don’t look at the individual game and point out the good and the bad about the game. Yes SimCity has some bad, and some good, but don’t nearly all games?

SimCity is currently on sale, $20 off. Perhaps this is just a sale, or maybe SimCity has reached that golden number for sales. Maybe even with the DLC that they are offering they figure they will make more money. Personally I am not a fan of paying $10 a pop for DLC, some people love it.

If you are interested in getting $20 off SimCity you can check out the Origin sale that is going on until the 30th of June! Click here for more information.


SimCity has a bit of DLC available for SimCity so far.

If you have SimCity and you’re still playing it, then you might want to get this cool new DLC that has been offered. SimCity is now introducing the AirShips pack. In the video balance designer Ross Treyz shows us the features of the Airships pack.


Price: $8.99

If you purchase the Airships set you will gain access to…

2 New Parks

  1. Hot Air Balloon Park
  2. Urban Hot Air Balloon Park

New Public Mass Transit

  1. Airship Hangar

An Event Blimp will also visit your town and hover around landmarks and stadiums during events

Personally I think that the game has been fairly well made, with many others to argue that it is not it is hard for anyone to say anything about the game. With this sale it gives you the opportunity to decide for yourself if the game is good or not. Of course I think that all of these DLC releases are killing the game though.

What are your thoughts about games that go on sale within the first few months of release? Are they placing the game in a dead category, or just offering it up for sale?

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4 Comments on SimCity Goes On Sale And New Airship DLC Is Launched

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    To hell with SimCity. I couldn’t be less interested in it but I’m still waiting for Bioshock 3 to go on sale.

  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    Bad, really bad pricing..

  • Avatar dylanbanks says:

    Origin needs to stop adding tax to digital downloads not to mention also dinging customers outside the states for currency exchange as well. Steam and other sites do not do this why do they. Nothing but crooks.

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