Silverstone SST-PB03 AA Emergency Battery Pack Review

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Cage Installation & Use

With the PB03 shipping as a bare bones unit, we  obviously need to supply our own set of batteries. By using our own batteries, we have the ability to control the overall purchase price for the charger, but more importantly its charging capacity. As we can see from the image below, I’m using a set of 2800mAh batteries and the batteries are arranged in a stacked formation with two batteries in each stack. By using 2800mAh batteries in my case, the PB03 will have a total capacity of 11200mAh which is far greater than the typical ~2-3000mAh that we have seen from a large number of ready to go packs.


The SMB-LED on the side of the unit as one would expect has a very bright output and the easiest way to describe how bright it is would be to compare it to most modern smart phones. With SMB-LED being the main element of modern smart phone cameras, we all know how bright they are and this is exactly what the PB03 has to offer.


When we look at the charging element of the PB03, the charging time is very subjective as the end-user has the option to install whatever batteries into the unit that they want to. Obviously the higher the capacity, the longer the available charging time there is, just remember that a decent set of rechargeable batteries will last a lot longer than a cheap and cheerful value set – even if they are rated with the same capacity.


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