Silverstone SST-PB03 AA Emergency Battery Pack Review

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A Closer Look

Looking a little closer at the PB03, we find the pack built with a robust metal exterior with the internals made out of plastic. With the dimensions of an AA battery having a large influence over the overall measurements of the pack, Silverstone have aimed to keep everything as small as possible to avoid having a product that is overly bulky.


On one end of the pack is a full-sized USB port with a red LED beside it for charging your mobile device. On this end of the unit we also find two plastic tabs which, once pinched together, allow the plastic frame from the metal casing to install and change the four batteries.


On the opposite of the pack is another USB port, this time with a microUSB connection, which allows the user to charge a set of batteries when flat without the need to remove them first. I will not that this does mean that you have to install a set of rechargeable batteries in the first instance. It may seem like an obvious point to make, but its one that has to be made all the same. Beside the USB port is a four-way switch which has four different settings, from the left to right these are for charging the installed batteries, turning the pack completely off, charging a mobile device through the USB port on the other end and powering on the built-in LED flash light.


As mentioned above, the PB03 features an LED flash light and this is built-in to the plastic internal frame on the opposite end to the switch. Whilst this is a tiny SMB-LED, the light that it has the capacity to deliver is far greater than that of a typical bulb that we find in some key ring sized torches. With this being an LED, the power consumption is also very low resulting in a minimal impact on the battery levels when in use.


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