Silverstone RV04-B Raven Full Tower Chassis Review

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Complete System

Total build time for the Raven RV04 was 1 hour, which is more than twice as long as builds normally take me. This is really not a user-friendly case to work with, although I must admit that Silverstone have made every effort to make it as friendly as possible. It’s not bad to work with, but it’s certainly more suitable for those who know what their doing, as its design is very unique compared to most chassis on the market.

That being said, the end result does look fantastic. It’s a little strange with it being upside down on the interior, but it’s a nice twist and airflow is certainly going to be fantastic thanks to those incredibly powerful fans on the front panel.


Despite the large size of the chassis, there is only room for a 120mm radiator as the case is more focused on air cooling. The inverted design and rear fan mount location means the fans on the top (erm, bottom) of the GPU and the fans on the 120mm radiator aren’t fighting for airflow from the same space and should both benefit from the two 180mm front fans.


Storage was easy enough to install; the 3.5″ drives slide in easy enough, although it did prove a little tricky to remove it due to the water cooler being installed as the pipes got in the way. The 2.5″ drive had to be screwed into place from the underside of the chassis, so you do need a little extra workspace and patience, especially if the bulk of your other components are installed, making the chassis very heavy and difficult to move.


Here you can see just how much space is left in the top section. An ATX PSU and a 5.25″ drive barely fill the space and when working with a modular PSU the extra room is more than welcome for hooking up cables.


All panels back in place and the Raven RV04 looks nothing short of breathtaking. Sure it may look a little extreme for some settings, but I wouldn’t mind having one of these monsters sat next to my desk and the side panel window gives a great view of the inverted interior design.


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  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    I know it’s subjective but to be honest I’m not struck on Silverstone’s cases and avoid them when I can.

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