Silverstone Raven RVX01 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

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Complete System

This chassis is a bit of an oddball in terms of layout, especially for those coming from a normal motherboard orientation design. Despite this rotated design and the metal panel in the way, it was surprisingly easy to work with and you don’t have to be a system building pro to work your way through it.DSC_5618

There’s a little space behind the PSU for excess cables, although how much room you have will vary dependant on your PSU of choice. There’s no real cable management on this chassis, but there are a few points throughout where you could cable tie any trailing cables if needed.


The GPU clearance is impressive, with room for virtually any high-end card on the market, with the exception of certain models that require larger water cooling radiators. There’s also plenty of room for a multi-GPU configuration and with those three 120mm fans blowing right up into the card, cooling is going to be really great too.


There’s loads of room in the bottom of the chassis too, and you could cram some excess cables here. Obviously, I wouldn’t put too many as you’ll block the airflow from the fans, but there’s a guard on the blades, so cables shouldn’t get jammed in there or cause any damage.


The HDD panel on the side works well enough, just your 2.5″ or 3.5″ drive directly to it with the screws provided.


The top of the chassis has a good mount of ventilation, but you can add an extra fan as an exhaust if you needed it.


Just behind the PSU is a handle, although it also serves as the cable pass through, so that all the wires for your power, monitor and peripherals still come out at the back of the chassis, not the top.


All panels back in place and the RVX01 looks just as great as it did when we took it out of the box.


If you look closer, you can just about make out the rear of the GPU and other components through the top panel mesh.


This chassis may be cheaper than previous models in the Raven serious, but it certainly doesn’t look it! A great option for a gaming system and the red trim really does look great against the matte blacks.


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