SilverStone SST-EBA01 Hi-Fi Audio Headphone Stand

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Silverstone EBA01 Featured

SilverStone may be well-known for their high-end chassis, power supplies and cooling solutions, but in recent years they’ve also been creating some premium grade audio products. Earlier this year we reviewed their SST-EB03 Desktop Headphone Amp & SST-EB01-E DAC (Digital Audio Converter); both of which were targeted at the enthusiast audio market. They’re incredible products and I’ve personally been using them for all my desktop related audio tasks ever since. Now they’re looking to complete the set with a simple accessory, the EBA01 Hi-Fi Audio Headphone Stand.

The EBA01 comes constructed from high quality aluminium, matching the aesthetics of their SST audio range. It has been designed as the perfect way to store two headsets; keeping them within easy reach at your desktop or listening area of choice. I’m sure many of you simply leave your headset on your desk, or even chuck it in a drawer when you’re not using it. Many people wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing, especially for those who paid a lot of money for a high-end headset or a set of audiophile grade headphones.

The EBA01 comes in a nicely designed slim box with a nice image of the stand on the front of the box.


Around the back you’ll find another picture of the stand with a set of headphones on it; pretty self-explanatory really.


The box is surprisingly heavy and when you open it you’ll find three large pieces of aluminium set in thick padding to keep them safe, as well as a simple user manual.


In the box you will find three pieces of aluminium that form the stand, as well as the screws required to assemble them.


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3 Comments on SilverStone SST-EBA01 Hi-Fi Audio Headphone Stand

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    It’s really nice, very useful and it looks like quality but it’s too expensive for what it is.

    • Avatar Matthew Humpherson says:

      It’s not that expensive to be honest. Headphone stands can easily go over £100 and even much much more than that. If it wasn’t for the fact I wall mount my headphones I would be tempted to get one.

      Just for reference when you have over £2k in headphones £40 is really nothing :p

      • Avatar Wayne says:

        It’s very expensive because it’s a niche product, handy yes but ultimately not worth the price even though the quality will be good. It probably costs around 5 quid to make so it’s retail price shouldn’t be more than 20 quid. Aluminium just doesn’t cost that much.

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