Sega: Spectrum, A New World Of Entertainment

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Sega Spectrum


Admit it, when you see the single word SEGA you can’t help but chime in with their sing-song of the name. Okay, you might be able to, but when I see it, I NEED TO DO IT! SEGA! Rumors are spreading, and like a California wildfire, Sega is going to bring us an announcement? A new game? A new console? Or are they going to do as they say and bring us “A New World of Entertainment.”

The image above appears to be from SEGA, a simple tease of an advertisement. At the top of the image there is Japanese lettering which gives us the words “A new world of entertainment.” Spectrum appears to be the name of the product that SEGA will be introducing to us, and they will be bringing us this announcement on June 12, 2013.

A post was found from shaowebb on providing us with a simple image, which they commented

Searched and found nothing. Lock/mock if old.

Text translates to “A new world of entertainment.”

What is this thing? Arcade board maybe? Digital platform? I’m clueless here…

This could be anything really with no solid information we can only assume that they are going to bring us an announcement rather than releasing a new game, though they could be telling us about a new game.

Has SEGA been tight lipped and kept a huge secret for their next generation of console, I don’t think so. I believe that if SEGA were to be gearing up for a next generation console they would have been announcing it from the roof tops, then again, with the bust of Dreamcast maybe they are keeping shareholders in the dark. We will just have to wait and see.


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7 Comments on Sega: Spectrum, A New World Of Entertainment

  • Avatar Andy Caveney-Heyes says:

    I have seen rumors and posts that they are working on Shenmue 3!

  • Avatar Wayne Carlton Winquist says:

    As much as I could hope for a new console, I’m not sure they would be able to stay in a 4-way competition with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. That said, with Nintendo’s next-gen console and Microsoft having announced their future hardware plans – and it being relatively close to Sony’s PS4 debut – could Sony and Sega team up? Or could Sega be teaming up for something with either Microsoft or Nintendo and waiting to bookend Sony’s PS4 news?

    Another what-if: What if it’s not the home console market, but the portable market? This might be an easier solution to buy, especially if they were teaming up one of the competitors (presumably Microsoft, since they’re the only console maker currently without a portable option under the X-Box brand – thus, not counting either Windows surface, Windows RT, or Windows phone 8.) This solution is more believable, but you already have 4 platforms here, assuming you count the PS Vita seperate from the Android platform.

    Sorry to speculate, I don’t think the headline ties to a new game but I just don’t see how Sega could remain solo in any console market right now. Given it’s Sega, though, I can’t wait to find out what it is – it’s hard not to have fond memories of my old Genesis. (I miss my system!)

    • Avatar anonymous says:

      the way i see it, sony and microsoft are always going at it, and nintendo is on the side with “yay! exculsives!” and no matter what can be said about nintendo, its always going to be around. sony and microsoft didn’t bring console gaming back in 1985. Sega would be the only competition to nintendo. its kinda of like this, you could get an xbox one, and buy watch dogs, or a ps4 and get watch dogs, or buy watch dogs for the wii u, or the xbox 360, or the ps3. and lets not forget the pc. But you can only play those sweet classic nintendo titles on the wii u. Now, with all that said, if indeed, sega stepped in with a console, and made a console, pulled back all Sega titles and released them as exclusive titles, the whole used games and no drm, external storage, maybe even install game on hard drive so you wouldn’t depend on switching game discs as an option, !!!! tablet with remote gameplay and controller support!!!! a re-imagined vmu…. Sega could take it. open to third party titles, online, all of that. Sega could take it. and 5 bucks says it would put nintendo in a position to need a whole new truly next gen console to compete. in my opinion, sega will forever be a powerhouse game changer.

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    Nostalgic. I played on a Sega game console back in the 90’s, that and a Mattel Intelevision. which I incidentally still have.

  • Avatar Eric Sellers says:

    Earthbound is coming to the states legitimately.
    Bayonetta 2 isn’t dead, and is a Wii U exclusive on top of that.
    The next-gen X-Box got a name as comparatively weird as the Wii U, and did a reveal that left core gamers hating it.

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    What am I talking about?
    Outlandish things.
    Things that would have, and in some cases had, been deemed impossible before they actually happened.

    If things like those I listed above can actually happen, against so many odds, then I don’t see how Sega releasing a new console [or handheld?] is such an outlandish thing to take into consideration.

    But you know what would be really strange?
    If the “Spectrum” was some sort of new engine they’re developing to use with all of their future games on the Wii U.
    Or maybe a new service of some sort that would allow them to easily re-sell all of their classic games from all of their past consoles all on one box?

    I dunno, just tossing ideas out there.

    All I know is, Sega’s got a wild card ready to toss on the table, and I’m going to place bets that it’s going to out-do most of the other announcements at the show, including the long on-stage presentations by Sony and Micro.

    Why place bets on it?
    So that I’m not absolutely shocked if it does happen, and so that I can view it with a clear mind and consider the goings-on objectively.

  • Avatar yepi says:

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  • Avatar Alex Desilets says:

    If Sega releases a new console, I’m buying it no matter what. Even if they aren’t trying to compete on the PS4 level and target the WIIU audience. More competetion damn it. Especially if they aim specifically to compete with Nintendo. Nintendo needs a kick in the pants, get their shit together.

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