Seasonic Platinum Series 660W Modular Power Supply Review

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Introduction & Packaging


Since joining eTeknix over 3 years ago I’ve seen us work with a lot of big brand names and have personally done countless reviews with those brands. Power supplies are something I’ve been covering for just over a year and in that time Seasonic is a brand we’ve never worked with directly. The word “directly” is key as Seasonic “indirectly” work with just about every website that reviews power supplies because so many power supplies are built by Seasonic and rebadged to be sold by other brands: Antec, Cooler Master, Corsair and XFX are just a few brands of many who work with Seasonic to produce power supplies based on their OEM designs. Today we finally get to take a look at an actual Seasonic product and it is something fairly special: Seasonic’s 660W Platinum Series power supply. As the name suggests it boasts incredible 80 Plus Platinum efficiency as well as a fully modular design, a staggering 7 year warranty, high quality components and construction and support for SLI, CrossFire and Haswell C6/C7 low power states. Seasonic have always been at the forefront of power supply innovation in the desktop and server markets so we have absolutely no doubt that this power supply will match or even exceed our expectations.

Packaging and Contents

Seasonic’s packaging plays on the Platinum theme with a silver-coloured box. It points out clearly the wattage, efficiency and the Haswell-ready certification.

Seasonic_Platinum_660 (1)

The back details the key product features which includes the promise of +- 2% voltage regulation on all rails and a hybrid fan that only spins up at around 30~% load.

Seasonic_Platinum_660 (2)

Inside the packaging we find everything is nicely presented and very well packaged – this certainly won’t get damaged in transit.

Seasonic_Platinum_660 (3)

Included accessories with the power supply are a power plug that will reflect the region you buy this unit in, an owners manual, Velcro cable ties, standard cable ties, a Seasonic sticker and four silver screws for mounting.

Seasonic_Platinum_660 (4)

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  1. Introduction and Packaging
  2. A Closer Look - Exterior
  3. A Closer Look - Interior
  4. Test Procedure
  5. Efficiency, PFC and Voltage Regulation
  6. Ripple Testing
  7. OPP and Max Wattage
  8. Fan Speed
  9. Final Thoughts
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2 Comments on Seasonic Platinum Series 660W Modular Power Supply Review

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    It’s a fantastic PSU. Seasonic were kind enough to let me keep my unit (exact same model tested here) after I’d tested one a while back and it runs flawlessly in my rig today. They can probably offer this thing with a 10 year warranty and still not get many RMA’s.
    C’mon Ryan, put the bite on them, I know you’d appreciate one and you probably would have slapped it with an Editors Choice if it wasn’t for the price.

    • Avatar George G says:

      Got the 660w.Its great, runs cool and quiet.Yeah 9-10y warranty would be good marketing since they can back it up.

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