Saving Money Online: 5 Tips for 2016

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Saving Money Online

No matter how much you make in a month, there is always room for more. But sometimes making more is not an option, and your only choice is to save. Luckily, we have the internet, which is filled with quality services and products that we can buy for less. Here are 10 tips on how you can save on services over the internet.

Free cloud backup

Most cloud services offer you a free plan, with a variable storage size. When it comes to space, Microsoft’s OneDrive is your best option, which offers you 15GB of space completely free of charge. You can use it as you please, and it even comes with a basic version of Microsoft’s office suite that you can use to create and edit documents. To back up your files automatically, you can install the OneDrive app, and sync your files automatically with the cloud storage – completely free.

If you own a Windows Phone powered smartphone, and choose to back up your pictures to OneDrive, Microsoft will add another 15GB of space to your free plan.

Free premium gaming

If you are a gambler you can save money here by registering a free account at one of the real money gaming outlets listed. You can access their complete game library completely free of charge – but, of course, your winnings will only be virtual.

Free ccTLD

Planning to launch a blog, but you don’t have the cash? Head over to Freenom, the only domain registrar that offers free ccTLDs (country code top level domain names) on the internet. You can choose from several options, like .tk, .ml, .ga and several others.

You can use your nameservers to operate the domains with your existing web hosting service.

Free hosting

Speaking of hosting – there are still quite a few companies that offer free hosting plans to their users. You can choose to host your own domain (like the one from Freenom). The free hosting plans usually come with 1 addon domain, 1 MySQL database, 1GB of space, and other goodies like cPanel, Fantastico, and so on.

Free SSL certificates

Let’s Encrypt is a US based nonprofit that has set its goal to bring encryption to all website owners. Its services offers everyone the possibility to use their SSL/TLS certificates completely free of charge. While not all web hosting services support Let’s Encrypt, their numbers are growing day after day. One day the service might become available at free hosting service providers, allowing bloggers and web designers to offer their readers a more secure way to connect to them.

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