San Francisco’s 2K Studio Reportedly Working On A Mafia 3 Game From Scratch

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Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven was one of the games that revolutionised the gaming industry back in September 2002 when it first got launched. It emerged you in a unique experience of the Mafia world in the ’30 era, full of thrilling chase episodes, interesting plot and exceptional mix of characters. It also introduced a few environmental features, such as speed limit and the ability for cops to properly cope with law offences.

Then in 2010, eight years later, the second part was released, packed with newer graphics and physics engines, having the same expected outcome as the first. It even had the mission which linked the two games, namely the mission to kill Thomas Angelo, the first Mafia’s main character.

We now hear that there is a Mafia 3 in the works, but it however will not be developed by 2K Czech as Mafia II. There are rumors that even a few members from 2K Marin have followed Rod Fergusson, the head of 2K Studio over in San Francisco, to the new studio as well as others from 2K Czech. The reports state that 2K San Francisco will start from scratch on the new Mafia 3 project. They have no intention of using what the Czech studio developed for Mafia 2.

Regarding the fate of 2K Czech, nobody knows for sure. There had been some layoffs back in 2011 as Fudzilla reports and the exact number of people still in the Czech HQ is not known. They say that the layoffs were due to the studio not being able to deliver another Mafia 3 project before its deadline. However, concrete information has been released on the Mafia 3 attempt, neither on the actual rumor of the Mafia 3 development in San Francisco.

Thank you Fudzilla for providing us with this information

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2 Comments on San Francisco’s 2K Studio Reportedly Working On A Mafia 3 Game From Scratch

  • Skidmarks says:

    I really enjoyed both those games. I hope this is not just a rumour and It comes to PC as well. I have a GTX 780Ti just laying about collecting dust and need an excuse to install it in my rig but I see no games on the horizon that tickle my fancy. I’m hoping for an announcement from Rockstar to change all that.

  • maforduk says:

    Brilliant, hope it’s longer than the others and more interactive 🙂 I was SO gutted how No.2 ended!! :'(

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