Samsung Uncovers Labor Violations at Dozens of Chinese Supplier Factories

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Electronics manufacturer Samsung conducted an external audit that found employee rights violations at dozens of suppliers located in China, though none of the charges related to child labor.

The company has more than 200 suppliers in China, and found that a “majority of suppliers do not comply with China’s legally permitted overtime hours,” with Samsung requesting that the companies cut back on overtime.  Samsung hopes to see illegal overtime practices end by the end of this year.

Of note, the report found 33 suppliers violated local insurance regulations, while 39 suppliers paid fixed wages and no overtime to employees.

As Samsung rose to the top of the electronics world, powered by successful smartphones and tablets, the company has received higher scrutiny from watchdog groups.

In South Korea, the company was criticized when a hardware factory used chemicals that led to leukemia and fatalities of some workers. A 2012 report from the China Labor Watch group found working conditions were considered “inhumane,” including the use of child labor to meet supply demands.

Manufacturers find success using China’s large work force to assemble electronics – but must deal with labor issues, which ranges from child labor and excessive overtime to employee suicides.

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