Samsung introduces Xbox-like Game Pad accessory for smartphones

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Samsung gamepad accessory

Samsung Electronics have prepared a special gamepad accessory add-on specifically for its Galaxy and Note series lineup which will give controls equivalent of a portable game systems.

The Game Pad accessory that Samsung revealed along with their new flagship model, the S4, will support Samsung Smartphones with 4″ to 6.3″ displays. It features twin analog sticks, shoulder keys, four action buttons, a D-Pad and buttons dedicated for Android applications. Looking at what Galaxy S4 offers, Samsung could most likely compete against dedicated portable console devices. Since the control design resembles well-known console’s controllers , this could be a chance to see that smartphones could alienate the portable gaming device range.

All that remains to be seen that there should be titles to justify such dedicated consoles even for Samsung’s flagship model that can give hours of gameplay. It should be noted that well-known games attracts one to adopt a console or a mobile device rather than the presence of the dedication controls suitable for gaming.

This isn’t the first time Android phones had a control such as this. There was Android Moga gaming system which has the same concept. But with Samsung pulling the strings, one could speculate if the company already spoke to multiple game designers to release game for this platform. Only time will tell how this turns out. The control transmits signals to the smart phone via bluetooth. The controller takes power from 2x AAA batteries rather than from the phone’s battery.

As of now it looks awfully close to Xbox 360 controller, but since this is a prototype, it could have a re-designed version before its release. If not, one will have to wonder if Microsoft plans to give a legal “nudge” to Samsung over similar design dispute.

It’s unclear how would Samsung would work with game developers and ensure that they game games for this platform so that they can sell their Game Pads for smartphones. As of now, pricing and timeframe of its availability for the game pad accessory is not yet disclosed. But it is expected that this will be released

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  • Avatar Wayne says:

    Oh please, now I’ve seen everything. Although a gamer myself, playing video games on anything but a PC really irritates me.

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