Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini to Include a Number of S5 Specific Features

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A couple of months ago we caught wind the Samsung had a mini version of their flagship S5 in the pipelines after their Finnish division slipped up, publicising a support page for the upcoming handset. These support pages, however, did not give any indication on the specs of the mini handset and we were left to sift through a stream of rumours and filter out the common components to bring our angle on the handset.

Fast forwarding to today we are now able to see the final draft of the S5 Mini’s specifications and it is apparent that it will have all of the major features, both hard and soft that its full-sized bigger brother will have – offering users a stepping stone towards their flagship Android phone, but without such a strong price tag.

Built around a 4.5″ Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1280×720, the Mini will pack in a quad-core CPU running at 1.4GHz (not the 1.6GHz core that we predicted) with 1.5GB of RAM sat beside 16GB of internal storage. There will be the capacity to increase the storage through a microSD slot and like the S5, the Mini will offer water and dust resistance as well as a fingerprint scanner and a heart-rate monitor that is boasted on the flagship handset.

Like the other Galaxy handsets the Mini will come in a range of colours with ‘Shimmery White’, ‘Electric Blue’, ‘Charcoal Black’ and ‘Copper Gold’ on offer (I wonder where the idea for different colours came from – I won’t start any arguments just yet over who was first, but we all know who I’m referring to here).

Whilst the Finnish team were the first to indicate the presence of the Mini, it turns out that the Russians will be the first to get their hands on the bite-sized handset, with a release happening during the middle stages of this month with the rest of the world getting their chance towards the end of the month. Strangely though there is no concrete word on the price point as of yet, but speculation has it that we could see prices falling around the $500 mark.

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1 Comment on Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini to Include a Number of S5 Specific Features

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    $500 is still a lot of dough for a ” bite sized” phone. It’ll drop in price eventually like the S4 mini has over here.

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