Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales Pass 20 Million Units

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According to some data revealed by SamMobile the Samsung Galaxy S4 has managed to surpass the 20 million sales marker in just 2 months. This more or less crushes all internet speculation that the Samsung Galaxy S4 had lower than expected sales. In fact with 20 million sales in around 2 months the Galaxy S4 has sold much faster than the Galaxy S3 which took 100 days to reach the same milestone.

Samsung’s android flagship, the Galaxy S4, has been available since late May. Apparently 500,000 of those sales came in Samsung’s home country South Korea while the bulk of them were probably made in the USA, the UK and mainland Europe.

We don’t know if the Samsung Galaxy S4’s sales show any signs of slowing but the Galaxy S4 has got to be one of the most successful smartphone launches of 2013. With another 5 months still to go before the year ends it is anyone’s guess how high the numbers will go. 25 million? 30 million? 50 million?

Have any of you picked up a Samsung Galaxy S4 since it was released in April?

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1 Comment on Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales Pass 20 Million Units

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    Yeah I picked it up but quickly dropped it when I saw the price. I don’t want to pay more for a fancy phone when a mid range unit from the same manufacturer more than fulfills all my mobile my needs.

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