Samsung Display HQ Gets Raided By Police For Alleged Stolen LG Tech

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Samsung Display and LG Display have both been at each others throats over the past year or so with allegations of stolen technology and other questionable tactics. Their problems certainly haven’t been resolved or tackled in a dignified manner and that continues with the news that Samsung Display Company’s HQ was raided by the South Korean Police in Asan, Seoul.

The dispute is over the OLED technology which LG claim Samsung stole and it did show signs of being resolved soon but this latest development has surely put a halt to that. Samsung Display denied any involvement in anything and everything, in true corporate fashion, while LG claimed that the allegations with which the police raided the Samsung Display HQ on, weren’t made by them. In fact LG claims the police made up their own allegations and raided Samsung Display HQ all on their own terms.

LG is currently pressing for Samsung to license its OLED technology, which Samsung is refusing to do so saying that the OLED technology it has is its own. Neither company have sent any OLED TVs or displays to market in North America or Europe and we don’t think that will happen anytime soon either as the companies continue to battle it out in style.

What are your thoughts on the squabbling between Samsung and LG? Is there a lawsuit on the cards soon? Do you think they are holding back the display market with their fighting?


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2 Comments on Samsung Display HQ Gets Raided By Police For Alleged Stolen LG Tech

  • Avatar Sandy Bruce says:

    Its Samsung and Apple all over again. So tired of hearing this mess. Just resolve it like adults. If Samsung truly invented its own technology they should prove it in court or arbitration.

  • Avatar Joseph White says:

    Shut the fuck up, rename your shit, tweak it a little bit AND GET ON WITH LIFE YOU IDIOTS! Arguing about it ain’t gonna do shit. You’re like a kid that cleaned up some milk with his own underwear.

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