Samsung CEO Says Demand for Windows Tablets and Phones is Lackluster

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Samsung’s Mobile Communications President, JK Shin, who just received a promotion to joint-CEO of Samsung electronic has had some damning words to say about Microsoft products. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal he downplayed speculation about a poor working relationship between Microsoft and Samsung instead stating that the poor performance of Microsoft’s Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows RT devices was the only issue.

Interviewer: What about your relationship with Microsoft? Has it changed after Nokia began to work more closely with Microsoft on Windows devices?

Mr. Shin: Smartphones and tablets based on Microsoft’s Windows operating system aren’t selling very well. There is a preference in the market for Android. In Europe, we’re also seeing lackluster demand for Windows-based products.

He sees Android as being a much more viable option stating that he likes Android and plans to continue good relations with Google. Earlier this year Samsung decided not to launch several of its planned Windows RT based tablets in the USA and Europe saying customer confusion was the main reason. However, it would seem Microsoft has a lot more work to do to reassure its hardware partners that it is even worth going to market with the new operating system. Intel’s progress in pushing ahead with x86 development shows us just how much companies are trying to get an x86 alternative to Windows 8 purely because it doesn’t sell well, has poor demand and high licensing fees which Android doesn’t have.

Do you think Samsung are right? Are Windows Phone, RT and 8 all a bit mediocre compared to Android and iOS? Are Samsung justified to come out and criticise Microsoft products? Let us know what you think!


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1 Comment on Samsung CEO Says Demand for Windows Tablets and Phones is Lackluster

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    This chump’s as subtle as a kick in the teeth. I wonder if Ballmer had a riposte? That said, I’d still take any Android or Windows device over an iOS device anyday of the week.

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