S.W.A.P – A Completely Free FPS That Uses Body-Swapping Instead of Guns

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First person shooters have become stuck in the world of weapons, and that makes sense as it helps to be able to pummel or shoot your enemies in order to kill them in a combat arena. So what happens when you take all the guns away, then how do you take each other down?

S.W.A.P has no weapons at all, in fact you can’t even directly destroy your enemies at all! The game simply has robots with jetpacks and the ability to take over other players bodies. You can leap into another players body and in the moments of control you have you can place them in harms way. This means you’ve to leave your enemies hovering over a trap, in the way of a moving object, or some other hazard in the hopes that they’ll meet their maker after regaining control.

It’s a very strange mechanic, but a very unique one too and it really does change the pace of your typical death match game into something far more manic and fun. The best thing about this game isn’t just its crazy mechanics, but the fact that the game is completely free, not free-to-play, just free! The developers have even said they’ve got no plans to monetize the game and they would rather people simply go and enjoy it. It’s a little rough around the edges, but at this price it’s hard to complain.

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Download the game here.

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