Russian Human Rights Officials Say Snowdon Deserves Political Asylum

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The fallout from the PRISM scandal continues and Russian Human Rights officials are the latest political figures to have their say. The head of Russia’s top official Human Rights body, Mikhail Fedotov – pictured above, has told the press that he believes Edward Snowden deserves political asylum.

He must be granted protection regardless of national borders. And this does not apply only to Mr Snowden’s story – this applies to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and many other people, including journalists – Russian and foreign – who disclose secrets in order to warn the society against dangers…Because of such people we become stronger and the special and diplomatic services must become smarter and understand what can be done in the modern transparent world and what cannot

Furthermore a second member of the Russia Presidential Council for Human Rights, Kirill Kabanov, was quoted as speaking to the ITAR-TASS news agency and he had some similar sentiments to make about Edward Snowden’s predicament:

It goes without saying that Snowden acted as a Human Rights advocate but right now the US authorities are very resolute in their intention to punish him. My opinion is that we should take a very precise position – no handover”

Additionally, Russian Lower House committee member for foreign affairs, Aleksey Pushkov, defended Snowden along with Assange and Manning as new dissidents:

Assange Manning and Snowden were not spies, they did not disclose classified information for money, but did so because of their beliefs. They are new dissidents, fighters against the system

It looks as if the public and political support for Edward Snowden exists in Russia, and in a lot of other countries. It would be a most surprising turn of events if Edward Snowden was not granted political asylum. It is possible he could even get such an offer in Russia.

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