Rosewill B2 Spirit HPTX Full-Tower Chassis Review

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Final Thoughts


I think we all knew this wasn’t going to be particularly affordable, just in material costs alone it’s not cheap to build a chassis of this size. The Rosewill B2 Spirit clocks in at £179.99, which is a lot of money, but it’s quite competitive for a chassis of this size and specification and still only marks a fraction of the cost of the kind of system build it is designed for.


The Rosewill B2 Spirit certainly isn’t for everyone, as most people don’t require support for HTPX motherboard, nor do a lot of people need 13 hard drive bays or room for up to four dual-slot graphics cards, but for those that do, the Rosewill is one seriously impressive chassis. The build quality of this case is rock solid, with heavy-duty panels, a hard-wearing rubber coating on the front and top panels and an impressive cooling setup thanks to the five pre-installed fans, and room for a few more should you really need them.

Our Sapphire Tri-X Toxic 270X graphics cards are far from small, but they fit into the B2 with ease and still had plenty of room to spare. Even the biggest enthusiast graphics cards on the market will no problem being installed here and that’s good news for those looking to build a sizable rendering workstation. Our ATX motherboard looks laughable in such a large interior, but should you be going for a dual-socket workstation motherboard, there’s still a great amount of space and housing two large air coolers, or even two AIO/custom loop configurations to manage them isn’t going to be a problem either.

The front and top panel configurations are incredibly practical for a wide range of users too, and we especially love the front panel door design as it allows you to access individual dust filters for each of the front panel fans, as well as a way to quickly remove and maintain the fans themselves without having to unscrew them from the chassis its self. If you’re running a workstation with the fans at higher RPM around the clock, you’re going to pick up a lot of dust, so being able to get your system clean as quickly and easily as possible means less downtime between workloads, and that’s certainly a welcome advantage. The main I/O on the top panel has six USB ports, so housing all the flash pens, peripherals and anything else you need shouldn’t be a problem either.

Given that similar high-end chassis such as the Cosmos II, 900D or PC-A76WX can often cost almost twice as much, the B2 is fantastic value for money for those looking for a no-nonsense large chassis with great build quality and all the practical features you could ask for.


  • Robust build quality
  • Durable matte rubber finish on front/top
  • Retractable top panel ventilation
  • High-quality fans pre-installed
  • Side panel window
  • Extensive cable routing support
  • Huge array of storage options
  • Competitive price (vs specification)
  • Excellent front panel door/filter/fan mounting design


  • It’s huge, so be sure you’re even got the floor space to house the B2 before ordering

“There’s not a component on the market that won’t fit in the Rosewill B2 Spirit. If you’re looking to build a high-end workstation or gaming system without compromise, but don’t want to overspend on the chassis, you’ll struggle to find anything this size or this quality for less.”

Rosewill B2 Spirit HPTX Full-Tower Chassis Review

Rosewill B2 Spirit HPTX Full-Tower Chassis Review

Thank you Rosewill for providing us with this sample.

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