Roku Hopes to Cater to New TV Viewers Streaming Content Into The Living Room

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The TV and Internet video markets continue to shift at a rapid pace, and streaming maker Roku hopes to see the industry continue to embrace streaming.

Despite Google, Apple, Amazon, and other companies jumping into the video-streaming device market, Roku still is best known for carving out a niche market for itself.  As the TV industry evolves, Roku expects to cash in on more users trying to stream via Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other similar services.

Here is what Wood said during a recent interview with the AP:

“To me, it’s pretty clear that all TV is going to be streamed.  It’s either going to be streamed to a smart TV, a gaming console or a streaming player.  That’s the way people are going to watch TV.  Things like DVD players are going to go away.  Cable boxes are obviously going away, too.  DVRs are just a stepping stone technology.  When everything is on demand, you won’t have to record anything anymore so that’s going to disappear.”

Furthermore, Wood still believes the DVR will be dead by 2020, with consumers largely relying on streaming content for home entertainment.  Instead, on-demand streaming content, providing viewers with a large amount of video choices, will continue to rise.

Roku is a privately-held company, but some financial analysts expect to see an initial public offering (IPO) filing sometime within the next year.

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