Rockstar Banning Users of FOV Mod in GTA V!

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Grant Theft Auto V has been with us for a couple of weeks now and while many of us are quite happy tearing around the gameworld, both online and offline, some users have been working hard to mod the game within an inch of its life. However, there is one mod that is causing quite a stir and Rockstar seem more upset than anyone, even going as far as to ban users who have been using it!

The issue surround the games FOV mod, while this is OK for the single-player campaign, it’s not something Rockstar wants people using in the cames online component, as it could give you an unfair advantage over your enemies.

Enhancing your peripheral vision is great, but if it comes at the cost of a two-week ban, possibly even more if you repeat the offence, it may not be worth it and it’s certainly something to take into consideration before you apply the mod, or any other mod, while playing the game online.

Rockstar is sending the following email to suspect players:


Have you been enjoying GTA V on PC? Here are some mods that you can enjoy in the games single player component; Play as Los Santos Police and Animal Appocalypse

Thank you Kotaku for providing us with this information.

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3 Comments on Rockstar Banning Users of FOV Mod in GTA V!

  • Avatar Lopalos says:

    Second Paragraph has a spelling mistake.
    “people using in the cames online component”
    Believe it’s supposed to be games.

  • Avatar Porkalicious says:

    they should focus on the multitude of guys having unlimited health and instakill + autoaim… and with the ability to put billions of dollar bountys on random people, which will in turn lead to bad things for the one getting the bounty in the end…

  • Avatar David Anthony White says:

    fov is generally for first person, switching to third gives you the same ‘advantage’ also doesn’t this game have multi monitor support? they getting banned? and if they have such a problem with something people want put it in he base games ffs

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