Roccat Announces New Gaming Peripherals

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ROCCAT is well known for their gaming products and they aren’t shy to try out new things like the ROCCAT Phobo concept that made its debut in 2012 as a gaming keyboard with slot-integrated smartphone. Continuing this, ROCCAT announced the new Ryos Phobo keyboard. The base concept is still the same, combining a good gaming keyboard with smartphone technology connected via two Bluetooth channels. The wireless Ipuri setup allows you to place your phone anywhere on the desktop to suit your setup and preferences. Cherry MX Switch Mechanical keys, two USB ports and a ten-key-less design make the Ryos Phobo a powerful but compact gaming keyboard.

“When concepting Phobo, we knew we had a strong vision,” explains René Korte, CEO and Founder of ROCCAT. “Still, we brought it back to the drawing board to expand and perfect the design.”

Those already interested in the new Ryos Phobo keyboard will have to wait a little while as “we’re looking at a Q3 2015 drop date” for this out of the ordinary keyboard.

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ROCCAT is showed off the mechanical keyboard lineup with the Ryos MK FX and, Ryos TKL FX, both with Cherry MX Switches and RGB LEDs. The difference between the two models whether you want the numpad or not, AKA Ten-Keys-Less.

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The new Nyth gaming mouse is expected a little bit earlier than the keyboard with a Q2 2015 date. The Nyth is a modular MMO gaming mouse that fluidly transforms into OBA and FPS layouts thanks to custom button placement and interchangeable side-parts. Those lucky enough to own a 3D printer will also be able to print, and create their own parts for the mouse.

“Our growing file library of 3-D printed buttons and side-parts will ensure Nyth users get value out of Nyth years past what anyone else is offering today,” effuses René. “It’s adaptable and great fun to play with. Much like the human fingerprint, almost no Nyth will be the same as another once users bring their creative customizations into the picture.” 

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The new ROCCAT’s Kave XTD 5.1 Analog headset is the last of the new peripherals showed, and it is also the one that will be available first with a Q1 2015 date. It comes with noise canceling technology and in-cable remote as well as a 25% weight reduction.

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2 Comments on Roccat Announces New Gaming Peripherals

  • Avatar Jordan Kytyn Benns says:

    I find Roccat products very hit-and-miss; my Kave 5.1 inline control box broke shortly after purchase, rendering the mic unusable, the Kova+ surface material degraded very quickly and the thumb rest pads were stuck on with adhesive that eventually leaked and made the mouse sticky as well, and the Taito pad isn’t very stain-resistant and also gave the heel of my hand a rash whenever I used it. However, the Sense mousepad is great in my opinion, and their non-core peripherals like the Apuri are the bomb. I think their ideas are awesome on paper, but they need to work on the construction of their products a little better.

    • Avatar Mochamad Zakky Hidayat says:

      That’s why today lot of people make a recommendation to buy headphone from audio company like audio-technica, AKG, sennheiser, etc + separate mic. You can have great sound quality and mic quality, and virtual sound is doesn’t need if you have headphones with good soundstage.

      The only recommended mouse from Roccat is Kone, Savu and Lua. I hope they will release something better than Lua.

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