Retailers Have To Pay Used Game Activation Fee For Xbox One Games, Not Players

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Xbox One Game Case

According to an updated report by EuroGamer there will be a used game activation fee, however, this charge will fall on game retailers not on players.

Eurogamer spoke with high ranking UK industry sources who reported that game retailers will have to pay the fee and therefore what price gamers see in the store is the price they need to pay. Microsoft hasn’t chosen the activation fee yet and a £35 figure per game has been quoted, but this reportedly includes the retailer’s sale price too, so the actual activation fee is probably a lot lower.

The industry sources also went on to confirm that part of the activation fee will go to Microsoft and part will go to the publisher. In general then what this means is that Microsoft essentially dictates what second hand games cost because they control the activation fees which dictate the price to a large extent. While the fee is paid by the retailer, the retailer will simply past this cost on to the Gamers/Players/Customers with higher prices as they still have profit margins to maintain. This means in essence that the player does pay, just not directly.

It looks like the days of cheap used games are over. What are your thoughts on this?

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9 Comments on Retailers Have To Pay Used Game Activation Fee For Xbox One Games, Not Players

  • Avatar Furf says:

    My thoughts are that I hope this is a catastrophe so bad it’s never attempted again. Unfortunately, the PC market demonstrated that all the publishers need to do is keep at it without comment and people will accept it. For examples, see every game with an additional activation requirement shoot to the top of the sales chart every time it’s discounted on Steam.

  • Avatar Craig Steven Beverley says:

    So does this mean that retailers will be purchasing games from us for cheaper so that the profit may cover the fee? or will it be the same price as what it normally would be and the retailers just lose out?

    • Avatar DeanOldfield says:

      The first is what we all hope for, depends if we get it or not :3

      • Avatar Craig Steven Beverley says:

        Well what i’m hoping for is this whole used fee to just go, it’s technically microsofts way of profiteering the used games market trying to get more money out of customers and retailers. Not only that but the Xbox One’s games (i believe) are going to RRP at about £60? whereas now they’re only £45… Hopefully not though

    • Avatar Paul Bleemstra says:

      Well they have to make a profit. I’m guessing they’ll pay less for used games and charge more when selling them. Really, it’s a no-win scenario for retailers and consumers and profit for Microsoft and game publishers. It’s really just sneaky and underhanded tactic which consumers shouldn’t stand for. In other words, buy the PS4 instead.

  • Avatar Flenix says:

    So what about if we wanna sell a game on eBay?

    • Avatar ET3D says:

      That’s a good question. What if you buy a game from someone? Will it not work? Will you have any way to get it to work?

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    Maybe they’re trying to make up the shortfall they currently have with Win 8. Boy they really know how to make friends & influence people.

  • and then the retailers pass on those prices to use = we still get screwed

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