Reeven Justice (RC-1204) CPU Cooler Review

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So, the Reeven Justice certainly looks the part, but how does it perform? Hopefully very well, I really want to see these products hit the UK market as they would complement some PC builds easily. At stock the single tower, single fan cooler does sit close to the bottom of our table with a temperature of 37c delta under heavy load. Even though that it is near the bottom of the table, if we look at some of the other coolers we can see why. We do have a lot of AIO units, dual 120mm fan coolers and dual tower coolers so it is to be expected somewhat.

stock temps

When we overclock the CPU the Reeven Justice actually climbed up the table a number of spaces. This shows that the cooler does do a good job when the fan speed is increased. I do wonder if this cooler struggles a little bit due to the gap between the tower and the fan. I believe making this smaller would decrease the amount of air getting lost and increase the efficiency.

oc temps

Acoustic wise, we see that it does very well. At stock we get a reading of just 39Db which is in line with the Dark Rock Pro 3 as well as a lot of other coolers that are produced mainly for silence.

stock db

When overclocked the fan does get a little louder, and drops down the table a little. Under heavy load we see a reading of 44db. This is perfectly quiet enough though, the noise was not something that was hard to ignore, it was just a nice little purr.

oc db

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