Reddit User Receives A Big Bundle From “Secret Santa” EA Employee

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A Reddit user who was participating in a secret Santa received an amazing gaming bundle when paired with an EA Games worker. The Reddit user, Sinister-meow, had asked for a new game in the gift exchange, and by pure coincidence and sheer luck was paired with a worker at EA Games, who sent a huge bundle including 29 PS3 titles.

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In a letter from ‘Santa’, the EA worker explained that he, his co-workers at EA, and his ‘friends at PlayStation’ had put together a collection of games and merchandise for the Reddit user, and put their fortunate pairing down to the ‘Internet spirits’. This is quite a wonderful gift and a real example of the Christmas spirit. And who would have known that so many people from a variety of companies would reunite in the ‘Christmas Spirit’ to give such a generous gift!

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‘I assumed it was a marketing move and I could appreciate that, they gave me a lot of stuff, so I figured it was on me to post it and give EA credit where its due,’ Sinister-meow explained. Rather than the work of ‘Internet spirits’, the Reddit user said the whole thing was ‘Just good luck I guess’.


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5 Comments on Reddit User Receives A Big Bundle From “Secret Santa” EA Employee

  • Skidmarks says:

    I wonder if they slipped in a few titles from other publishers as well. I very much doubt EA has published 29 titles worth buying throughout their checkered history.

    • 94DMP . says:

      it shows you the pictures of the 29 games.

      • Skidmarks says:

        I was sitting on the deck of a boat a couple of kilo’s off shore commenting on the article from my tablet in the baking hot sun because the fish weren’t biting, but now that I can see it better on my desktop screen I notice they’re all console games as well. I hope the Reddit user is fond of consoles.

        • Orbitus says:

          He also asked for PS3 games if you even read the article. So yes I guess he would be fond of console games.

          • Skidmarks says:

            I missed that. As I said I was in out in the bright hot sun reading the article on my tablet. If you live in a country which has bright hot sun 90% of the year, you’ll know that reading a tablet screen outdoors is not the best thing to do. I never re read the article after looking at the pic’s on my desktop.

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