Red Harbinger Releases The Cross Desk

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After a very long wait and much anticipation I have been waiting for Red Harbinger to give news on its Cross desk being released and today my friends is the day.

The Red Harbinger desk really is a system builders fantasy and for an extremely short time they are taking in pre-orders in the USA, discounted, with free shipping!

Here is a word from the CEO of Red Harbinger, Thomas Nunn

Our modding community is important; they keep us mentally motivated, and give us a reason to spend countless hours working on tough problems. Modders are the embodiment of creativity mixed with risk. A core group of modders, geeks, tech-heads and artists spent the last two years developing what would be our ultimate case. Liquid-cooling, storage capacity, flexibility in features, aesthetics, functionality, feel and craftsmanship inclusive to each and every component. The Cross desk is a combination of everything we needed; when we thought we had figured it all out, we tweaked and refined again and again until we were finally satisfied. Putting out anything less than exceptional was not an option.

A culmination of thousands of hours of thoughtful design, the Cross desk is for those who love to push the envelope and create something beyond the norm. We love the process, and hope you can enjoy all the hard work many of your peers put into this effort. Look forward to seeing what you will create with your Cross desk. The case for intelligent design has finally arrived. Enjoy – Thomas Nunn

Here are the product specs of this truly epic desk

Product Description

  • Built like an Abrams tank and designed to hold everything you could ever want; truly the last case you will ever need.
  • Solid steel and aluminum construction with industrial powder coat; every part, big and small.
  • Unmatched single PC desk design for every motherboard form factor.
  • Sturdy rubber grommets for unused liquid cooling lines.
  • Massive hard-drive storage capability.
  • Thick tempered glass top with frosted and beveled edges.
  • Master-crafted – RH frosted glass leg shelves.
  • Premium sleeved wiring for fan controllers & SATA drives.
  • Custom Limited Edition collector case badge; numbered.
  • Military-grade logo leg plates and welded chassis.
  • Brushed aluminum trim for modern finishing.
  • Expertly engineered hex fan grills.
  • Adjustable height shelving brackets for inner-leg storage.
  • Hollow legs to store wires, lights, or a stripped PlayStation!
  • Modular design for future upgrades and accessories.
  • Hidden chamber under center bridge to reduce wiring of hard-drive cables.
  • Decorative support backing to ensure your case won’t wobble…ever.
  • Created by well-known hardcore modders, engineers and designers for the last two years running.

For more info check out the link here

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