Razer Adds Steam Integration to Edge Gaming Tablet

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Razer’s Edge gaming tablet took the tablet market by storm offering people the ability to play Desktop PC-class games in a small and powerful form factor. Featuring a low power Ivy Bridge Mobile dual core CPU with four threads and an Nvidia GT 640M LE Kepler Mobile GPU the Edge gaming tablet is capable of running most games at a medium to high preset on its native 1366 by 768 IPS 10.1″ display. As with most Razer products the price for such an innovative market-leading solution is high, starting at $999 for the base model and $1299.99 for the Pro model.

Being a Windows 8 based tablet the innovation is in being able to play Windows games that you would otherwise play on your desktop PC. Consequently, Razer’s latest edit for the Razer Edge tablet is bringing native Steam integration to every tablet so playing your games is as easy as logging straight into your Steam account, downloading your games and then playing them.

“Razer has one mission in mind: to innovate for PC gamers worldwide,” says Min-Liang Tan , co-founder, Razer CEO and creative director. “Providing users with access to Steam will enable Razer Edge users to play their favorite games with greater ease than ever before.”

“The Razer Edge has more than enough power to play the latest and greatest Steam titles and it is completely built with PC gamers in mind,” says Greg Coomer , product designer at Valve. “The tablet is a great way to experience everything Steam has to offer, including Big Picture mode.”

What do you think of being able to play all your Steam games on a 10″ gaming tablet? Would you consider buying one now Steam support is easily available? Have you already bought one? What do you think of it? Let us know your thoughts.

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