Raijintek Ereboss CPU Cooler Review

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Raijintek are a new comer to the PC market and while we have known of their presence for a while it’s only in the last few months that they’ve been bringing products to market. The Ereboss CPU cooler is just one sample of their range and the company intends to launch chassis products also, one of which we even saw at this years Gamescom in Cologne.

Picking the right CPU cooler can be tricky, especially in the low and mid budget price ranges. Finding the right balance of cost vs the performance you want to achieve can be tricky and with so many options on the market from many big, established manufacturers it may be hard for Raijintek to find a place. The Ereboss is Raijinteks answer to the budget friendly end of the market, those looking to get solid performance without spending too much money.

With a price tag £31.99 the Ereboss is affordable and as you can see from the specifications below it packs plenty of support.


The packaging is well designed, featuring a clear image of the cooler and its included fan.


Around the back we have a full run down of the specifications (see above).


In the box I found a great selection of high quality fitting components, as well as a simple to follow installation guide.


The mounting plate is compatible with multiple socket types, but Intel and AMD processors require different top mounts. There is also some bundled thermal paste in the box/


The included fan can be mounted using the rubber pegs, an extra set has been included for those who wish to add an extra fan (sold separately). All the spacers, screws and bolts required for install are really nicely finished with the exception of four plastic caps, but since these install under the mounting kit, they will be out of sight.


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4 Comments on Raijintek Ereboss CPU Cooler Review

  • Avatar Justain says:

    ETeknix has the worst reviewers. They are not picky enough to be handing out “awards.” Anyways. This is a HUGE CPU cooler and what do I want from a huge cooler? Good performance. Seriously, it’s not that difficult. Copper pipes, Aluminum fins, and good fan. What’s wrong with this CPU cooler? Besides the fact that it’s fat, ugly, a block that is going to mess with your ram or cables, and the fact that it’s just plain UGLY? The fan doesn’t fit the cooler, airflow is escaping at the top and bottom of the fins, and they just tried to copy Coolermaster, make it look cool, and did a horrible engineering the airflow. You have to focus the airflow through the aluminum fins to dissipate the heat the fins are spreading from the copper tubes. 30 pounds is like 50 dollars. Yes.. Let’s match it up with some weak ass CPU coolers and give it a “bang for buck” award despite the fact that NO ONE can dethrone a Hyper212 for bang/buck ratio. Stop giving your sponsors awards Eteknix..

    • Avatar Peter Donnell says:

      We didn’t stack it up against weak coolers, we re-started our charts with new products to facilitate a new reviewer in the section of the site and will continue to add more coolers to the charts over the coming weeks, but if you actually read our methodology page you would have known that.

      The numbers are the numbers and the Ereboss gives decent cooling performance, as well as superb acoustics for the price range. Style is subjective so you can’t tell me I don’t like the design, because I do.

      I guess we should just stop reviewing all budget friendly coolers, or judging them on their own merits because the Hyper212 is good? And you think that good build quality, nice design, quiet performance, respectable cooling and a low price tag don’t justify a bang for buck award because of other another products performance in a past review? That would be like no one winning an Oscar for best actor because some guy already won it 30 years ago in your favourite film.

      Also, just because a company sends us samples, that does not make them sponsors.

      You would have better used your time by showing yourself out and closing the tab.

  • Avatar agooddecision says:

    The heatsink itself looks like it might perform well. But that fan is garbage. You can’t get much static pressure from a fan that thin.

    I’d be interested to see just how much better this cooler performs with a decent fan attached, and maybe with two in push pull.

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