Raijintek’s Latest Atlantis Range Now Available

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Raijintek is the relatively new kid on the block when it comes to mainstream water cooling solutions, but it has shown many that All In One (AIO) water cooling solutions can also be customised.

Back in the day of the first AIO solutions, you had a basic radiator with black tubes linked to a clunky processor heatsink and water pump combination. Times have changed and the roles have changed, the processor block is now slimline and the radiator has grown to 240mm or even 360mm. However, there was very little in the way of customisation available; you could change the fans and tweak the LED colour. Raijintek blew this concept out of the water (ha!) by introducing the first commercially successful and customisable range, Triton.

Now we see an expansion of the water cooling range with Atlantis. These parts are fully modular, so you have limited freedom to produce your own water cooling builds while using parts that are known to work well together. This takes out a lot of the guess-work with truly custom water cooling builds.

The new range currently consists of five main aspects: Coolant, Tubing, Water Pump, Water Blocks and Reservoirs. The coolant is a plain and clear variant that comes with the Red, Green and Blue additives to fine tune your colour choice extremely well.


It’s nice to see a move from the integrated pump and water block with this addition. The RAI-PM5 pump is set to become one of the best pumps on the market, with a 480 L/h flow rate and a head lift of 4.5 metres; you could set up even the most complex systems with this pump without worrying about flow.


There are two Reservoir options available, the RAI-R10 and RAI-R20. The R10 is 150mm tall while the R20 is 250mm. Both feature the same input and output ports and colour options, so the question really is bigger better?


The CWB C1 CPU block is an all copper design, looking fairly similar to others on the market. It features the industry standard G1/4 threads, so finding compatible fittings will be a doddle. Let’s hope there’s a transparent model in the works.


The GWB-C1 isn’t the most attractive model, but this is a CPU core only model and would need to be combined with the VWB-C1 (top image) VRAM block to ensure maximum performance.


I’m personally building my own water-cooled PC right now and I’m now having second thoughts about the pump and reservoir now.

For more information on the Atlantis range, head on over to OverclockersUK and check it out.

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