Raijintek Styx Windowed Micro-ATX Aluminium Chassis Review

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Final Thoughts


The Raijintek Styx chassis is available from Overclockers UK for just £64.99 and is available in a nice range of colours, meaning you should be able to find something that suits your build and personal taste.


Raijintek has impressed us here at eTeknix many times in the past, with a great range of products that have shown great quality, style, performance and very reasonable price tags. I’m very happy to see that this trend has continued, as the Styx is one of the coolest Micro-ATX chassis in its class. With gorgeous aluminium exterior panels, it’s certainly a looker and something you’ll be proud to have out on display. The choice of colours are vibrant too, but I have a particular love for the black one we reviewed today, as it just looks so sleek and professional and would make a stylish HTPC system.

Component support is high, especially for a chassis of this size. There’s a wide range of hard drive mounting solutions and room for an ODD in the front, giving you all the support you need for lots of storage and functionality. It has water cooling support in the top and rear fan mounts, room for multiple graphics cards, can house a large PSU and more. Of course, remember to check the overall size of your hardware, as we saw today, too large a PSU can limit your GPU clearance.

There’s a lot of great applications for a chassis like this, as it would look great in the office, in your bedroom, next to your TV, or even be just the right size for taking to LAN gaming events. It has all the room you could want for a decent gaming system or a compact workstation, and it manages to do it without having a wallet-busting price tag.


  • Great build quality
  • Stylish brushed aluminium design
  • Funky range of colours to choose from
  • Good hardware compatibility
  • Water cooling support
  • ODD support
  • Side panel window
  • Plenty of hard drive mounts


  • None


  • Screw on side panels can be slow to gain access to
  • Water cooling support may be limited by dual GPU configurations

The Raijintek Styx is one of the best looking and most versatile chassis in its class, with an affordable price tag that won’t hurt your wallet.”

Raijintek Styx Windowed Micro-ATX Aluminium Chassis Review

Raijintek Styx Windowed Micro-ATX Aluminium Chassis Review

Thank you Overclockers UK for providing us with this sample.

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