QNAP Introduces TS-451S 4-Bay NAS for High-Performance 2.5″ SSDs

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Speed, speed, speed. Everybody wants speed and that includes QNAP’s users. The company listened to their customers feedback and created the TS-451S Turbo NAS, a 4-bay NAS that is optimized for high-capacity 2.5-inch SSD drives. The new NAS is built around the Celeron 2.41GHz processor and has 4GB DDR memory.

To avoid confusion in product labels, QNAP are renaming the current SS-x53 Pro series into SS-x53S Pro to assist users in quickly recognizing different options in the same product category. Compared to the 3.5″-drive-designed TS-453 Pro, the TS-453S Pro provides a more affordable price, takes up half the physical space, and when exclusively using SSDs delivers 4,000+ IOPS (random read/write) at the equivalent total cost of a non-SSD NAS.


“Users can enjoy numerous benefits when using SSDs in a Turbo NAS, including a smaller physical size to host at least 4 SSDs, higher-density storage capacity, RAID 5 configuration for data protection, quieter system operations, a home theater multimedia experience with the HD Station, and the exclusive QvPC Technology that allows the Turbo NAS to be used as a PC,” said Jason Hsu, product manager of QNAP. “The TS-x53S Pro series can also work silently and reliably with 2.5″ hard drives as well”.

While there isn’t a product page for the new TS-451S NAS yet, we do get some information from the photos provided. It appears that  it has dual Gigabit Ethernet, dual HDMI or HDMI and DisplayPort, two USB 3 ports and 3.5mm audio jacks. It has easy accessible memory slots so you just have to open the cover to upgrade. No need to take out the PCB as so often needed in the past.


The TS-451S is being distributed to worldwide sales channels immediately and should be available for end users within a month.

Thanks to QNAP for providing us with this information

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