QNAP CEO Richard Lee Praised as NAS Industry Visionary

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QNAP Systems, Inc. CEO, Richard Lee, in a recent interview with Japan’s AKIBA PC Hotline website, was praised for his aggressiveness, passion, and determination in shaping the future of the Network-attached Storage (NAS) market. The interview, which covered QNAP’s history and current developments, strongly impressed AKIBA PC Hotline, who likened Mr. Lee to the “Steve Jobs of Taiwan.”

“QNAP aims to make the almighty NAS a product born from Asian innovation,” said Richard Lee, CEO of QNAP. With its experienced hardware background and strong technology base, QNAP has moved on from exclusively targeting the business NAS market and has now become a leader in SMB and consumer sectors. “Considering the functionality and manageability that matters to general users, QNAP launched the QTS firmware in 2013, providing an easy-to-use and intuitive web-based operating system for every user regardless of IT training or knowledge,” added Lee.

When asked about the future of NAS, Richard Lee shared his vision without hesitation: “The future of NAS is software. It must be multi-window, multi-tasking with remote access from PC and smartphones. Another key element is having multiple applications. Similar to iOS and Android, the QTS App Centre now consists of over 120 install-on-demand applications that extend the functionalities of QNAP Turbo NAS even further,” added Richard Lee.

As the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more popular, QNAP also leverages its abundant applications provided by the Turbo NAS to build an IoT development centre. “For example, by storing data such as heart rates and calorie counters recorded by wearables on their NAS, users can analyse this data with apps downloaded from App Centre to manage their health better,” said Richard Lee.

During the interview, Richard Lee also shared the latest QNAP products and industry trends. For the full interview (Japanese only), please visit AKIBA PC Hotline.

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