QNAP Brings Google Like Search Feature to Your Own NAS

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It can be really troublesome finding just the right file that you are looking for when you got million of files in terabyte of data stored on your NAS, but that task just got a little easier for some people. Those are the ones that have an x86-based QNAP NAS with 2GB RAM or more.

QNAP released a new QTS app called Qsirch and it works a lot like you’re used to from Google, Bing, and similar search engines, except this one runs on your own NAS and searches your files.

Qsirch doesn’t just search by filename, it searches within the content of the files as well as taking tags such as author into consideration. Media tags found in audio and video files are also included and the results come in fast.

QNAP also created a video where they compare a scenario between a normal NAS search and using Qsirch. While a competitor product was used in the demonstration, they could also have used one of their own ARM based devices or one with 1GB ram – based on the requirements for the Qsirch app. That aside, the demonstration really shows how fast someone can find something.

You might not remember the exact file name, or even the filename at all. Maybe all you remember is the name of the person creating the document you’re looking for and the general subject. Qsirch will find the file for you in seconds.

With such a powerful feature that can find basically anything on your NAS in seconds, you also need proper security. QNAP made sure that they covered this part too as the Qsirch will follow your QTS permission settings and only allow the user to search the files they’re allowed to view.


You can also exclude directories that you don’t want to be searchable, this could be backup directories or other places with duplicate files or just folders that you don’t want to be searchable in general.

Qsirch is available now from the QTS App Center for all x86-based NAS models that have a minimum of 2GB RAM. Qsirch is recommended for the TS-x51, TS-x53, TS-x63, TS-x70, TS-x71, and TS-EC with 2GB RAM and QTS 4.1 or newer firmware installed. 4GB or more RAM is recommended for optimum performance.

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