PS4 Games At E3 Actually Ran On The Console, Not Like The Xbox One

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Microsoft caused outrage when it was revealed that its E3 2013 demonstrations of the Xbox One and its games was done not on the Xbox One console but on Windows 7 based PC systems. Developers have come out to say that Sony did not make the same mistake and all their titles were demonstrated using the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 development kits

For those of you who haven’t seen, Microsoft’s “Xbox One” demonstrations consisted of Windows 7 PCs running Nvidia graphics cards despite the fact the Xbox One will not run Windows 7 and will run an AMD APU.

The Witness developer Jonathan Blow stated on Twitter that his game’s demonstration was entirely on the PS4 console and that most other PS4 developers worked hard to ensure smooth gameplay on the new generation of consoles.

While there’s no doubting that the Xbox One will be able to run its own games, there are certainly doubts about how well optimised and how stable these will be. If Microsoft couldn’t get the Xbox One ready for its own games in time for E3 then things could certainly be a bit shaky in the run up to the official launch.

Microsoft certainly hasn’t been giving itself an easy time of late and this latest victory by Sony actually using a PS4 for demonstrations is surely not going to help.

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1 Comment on PS4 Games At E3 Actually Ran On The Console, Not Like The Xbox One

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    I love it. Microsoft seem to be constantly putting their foot in it every time it comes to that new XBOX whatever. Maybe the universal dislike and poor sales of Win 8 & WP8 has them rattled.
    If they’re trying to clean up their mess, they don’t seem to be making a good job of it.

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