Professional CS:GO Players Caught Cheating and Banned

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A shadow has been cast on the professional CS:GO gaming community as three players have been caught cheating in competitive play and received VAC bans last week. The outed players are Hovik “KQLY” Tovmassian, Simon “smn” Beck and Gordon “Sf” Giry.

Professional players or at least semi-professional, have been banned before, but it is rare that it happens on such a high-profile level. It doesn’t just cast doubt on past performances in tournaments, but also on the entire scene. There might be other similar and yet undiscovered cheats in the wild.

KQLY, probably the most prominent of the banned players, has issued some statements via his facebook page. He said that he used the third-party tool for a seven days period and that the programmer that had offered him the tool had ensured that “lots of professional gamers user it.” The tool in question has no visual display and the only way it can be detected is during installation. No visual indication can be found on the affected systems. The cheat allegedly connects through the steam workshop.

No doubt the shame must be high and I bet they’d like to crawl up into a hole and disappear right now. And it is really bad timing with Dreamhack starting this week. The Titan and Epsilon teams have been disqualified from this years Dreamhack Winter 2014 tournaments that has a price pool of $250,000.

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6 Comments on Professional CS:GO Players Caught Cheating and Banned

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    They were probably reprimanded and banned from a tournament or two. What happened to the days of Rough Justice? Back in the day if you were caught cheating at poker you were taken outside and shot or had your fingers removed at the very least. Justice is far too soft nowadays.

    • Avatar Nubb says:

      These players will never play competitively again – pretty much. No team will want the stigma of having a confirmed cheater on their team. They are also banned from playing the game on their main account for 1 year, and will always have that ban listed on their account. They will be kicked from their current team and as a side effect of vac ban, are unable to access their skins (which on some players accounts are worth 1000’s of $).

      Even if they didnt use cheats within a tournament, cheaters are seen as absolute scum by this community.

      Its not like these players can just change account and player name and jump back in, their real names and faces are known by anyone who has ever seen them play competitively….

      • Avatar Wayne says:

        That’s good but I still like my idea more. 😉

        • Avatar Dromo says:

          They should have their gfx. cards attached to their shoulders and then all players should be lined up. They should rip the cards from their shoulders and ritually break them in half, then they are banished from the fort to live aimlessly and wander like kwai chang cane. Only when their honor is reclaimed, by killing each other,will.they be allowed back in.

  • Avatar Francois Neethling says:

    Serves them right

  • Avatar Matej Štimac says:

    If you play play to have fun no cheat.

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