Powerful 80Plus Platinum Rated 1250w PSU Released By Deepcool

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Deep cool have already hit the market with a great range of power supplies that range from 400w for the lower end of the market, to 750w products that are ideal for multi-graphics card systems, but their fun doesn’t stop there! After a successful start in the power supply market, they’ve decided to up the power and offer something epic for the extreme performance end of the market, enthusiast gamers, overclockers and coin miners with the launch of the Deepcool Quanta DQ1250.

Offering up 1250W of continuous power, the DQ1250 is built with energy efficiency at its core performance, offering up a stunning 80Plus Platinum certification, the worlds strictest energy efficiency classification for powers supplies. This level of efficiency, as well as its might power output of 1250W is achieved through the use of top quality Japanese capacitors. The power supply features two 12V rails delivering 45A and 65A each output at peak consumption. As for regulatory, DQ1250 has CE, FCC, CCC, CB, EAC and TUV. And as for protection, this power supply has over voltage protection (OVP), short circuit protection (SCP) and over power protection (OPP).

A hybrid fan design uses a separate circuit design to keep the fan at zero rpm for silent performance when the peak PSU is under 30% load, or the ambient temperature is below 25 degrees, while fan delay technology will allow the Quanta’s 140mm fan to keep spinning for 15~30 seconds after being your system has been powered off, ensuring all parts cool down completely to help improve the lifespan of the components.

With flat ribbon cable design, it is quite easy to put the wires on the back of motherboard tray to get a great airflow in the case. This power supply is semi-modular design with only the mainboard and two ATX 12V CPU cable (700mm) fixed onto the power supply. All other cables are modular and packed in the box. There are 8 PCI-E (6+2Pin) connectors, 16 SATA connectors, 10 Peripheral (Big 4Pin) connectors and 3 pieces of extensional connectors: 2 for PCI-E and 1 for small 4Pin.

Deepcool have been on a bit of a roll recently, with one great product after another and we’re hoping the same is true of the Quanta DQ1250, and with high efficiency, high quality construction and components, and mighty performance this does look set to be a great option for extreme-systems and coin mining rigs. We don’t have pricing information just yet, but given the specifications we would expect it to be in excess of £200.

Thank you Deepcool for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Deepcool.

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2 Comments on Powerful 80Plus Platinum Rated 1250w PSU Released By Deepcool

  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    Deepcool making (marketing really) their line PSU’s now? Good heavens this is news to me. Thanks for the heads up 😉

  • Avatar Matthew Humpherson says:

    Wonder who makes it, heres hoping for either SuperFlower or Seasonic!

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