PMC Announces FlashTec NVRAM Drives with More Then 10 Million IOPS

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There is no shortage of Solid State news surrounding the Flash Memory Summit this year. PMC has now announced their new “ultra-fast storage class memory tier that accelerates critical applications in all-flash arrays and scale-out storage used in data centers and enterprise deployments”.

PMC’s new Flashtec NVRAM drives combine the endurance and speed of DRAM with the persistence of NAND flash memory, to deliver performance that is ten times greater than the fastest solid-state drives.

Using the PCI Express 3.0 interface, the Flashtec NVRAM drives connect directly to the host to optimize CPU utilization and maximize overall system performance. Up to 10,000,000 IOPS and sub-microsecond latency. The new Flashtec solution is based on the industry-standard NVMe interface, which enables plug-and-play PCIe connectivity.


The Flashtec NVRAM drives can be used either as a persistent memory extension that is mapped directly to the host (more than 10,000,000 IOPS random 512kb), or as NVMe block storage for more efficient DMA transactions (more than 1,000,000 IOPS random 4K read).

Derek Dicker, vice president of the NVM Solutions Group at PMC said, “Native PCIe-based solutions are a major disruption to the SSD market because they provide a direct link between the CPU and flash, breaking the traditional performance scale. The PMC Flashtec family sets a new benchmark for storage performance, and our standards-based architecture allows our customers to get their storage solutions to market much sooner with differentiated features tuned for cost, performance and endurance.”

The new drives will use PMC’s own NVMe controllers that allow for SSDs with up to 8TB of capacity, and performance of up to 875,000 random 4K read IOPS. Dual-port functionality is also featured, allowing for high availability of enterprise class applications, redundancy and sustained reliability.


Occupying only one low-profile PCIe socket, having an included NVMe driver and Super Capacitor that operates for five years without maintenance simplifies the integration and might even free up the need for an UPS.

PMC’s Flashtec NVRAM drives are available in capacities of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB, and production quantities are anticipated by Q4 of 2014.  PMC’s NVMe flash controllers are available in either 16- or 32-channel versions, and are currently in high-volume production. You can also visit PMC this week at the 2014 Flash Memory Summit at booth #416.

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