PlayStation Plus PS4 January Line-Up Confirmed

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PlayStation Plus

The quality of games included in Sony’s PlayStation Plus service has deteriorated in recent months and made loyal PlayStation 4 owners question its value. During the previous generation, PlayStation Plus was optional and revolved around highly acclaimed mainstream games. Sadly, Sony decided to make PlayStation Plus mandatory to access online play on their latest console and promised to improve the network infrastructure. Since then the service has heavily relied on smaller indie games which can be picked up on other platforms for almost nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of niche indie games, but I usually pick these up on PC in bundles or during Steam sales.

Sony recently sent an e-mail to PlayStation Plus subscribers informing them of the PS4 games coming to this month’s line-up. As you can see, the selection isn’t great and bound to infuriate PlayStation customers who expected major releases like The Order: 1866. Hardware Rivals is a multiplayer racing game and can be pretty fun in short bursts while Grim Fandango remastered offers fiendishly difficult puzzles and a captivating story.

Please note, this isn’t the entire line-up for January, as Sony will add a number of PlayStation 3 and PS Vita games. Furthermore, Grim Fandango Remastered supports cross-play so I assume the version included also works on the Vita.


Are you happy with the current PlayStation Plus offerings or feel they now represent poor value-for-money?

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1 Comment on PlayStation Plus PS4 January Line-Up Confirmed

  • Avatar Timothy March says:

    I’m fed up with sub par ps4 offerings, and the inability to “upgrade” ps3 purchases to ps4. I don’t wanna have to literally buy the FF X/X-2 HD remake all over again just to play it on PS4… I’ve already had to buy them twice (original discs then the HD remake for PS3 at max price) or games like Battlefield 4, another I’d need to buy from scratch just to play on PS4… it’s ridiculous, especially with Xbox now having backwards compatability…. and don’t even get me started on the lack of psOne and PS2 classics that don’t work on PS4 and if they ever do would no doubt require yet another repurchases other than using the ones we bought already… hell I’ve got all the older FF games bought that I can play on PS3 (which I no longer own as it died) but none of them work on PS4, I would have to spend another £12,99 for FF7 for the billionth time… seriously SONY may have won the opening salvo of this console war, but they are no good at keeping people on side with all this money grabbing crap.

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