Plantronics Audio 995 Digital Wireless Stereo Headset Review

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A Closer Look
Firstly taking a look at the transceiver, it is a fairly standard USB dongle and could quite happily be a USB TV stick or a USB memory stick or even a USB Bluetooth dongle. It consists of one blue flashing LED down the centre and a connect button at the front.

The bottom of the USB Transceiver is fairly much what we expect.

The headset is fairly small and lightweight but keeps a fair bit of rigidity when you pick it up from just one side.

The headband does however remain fairly flexible and is certainly orientated towards the comfort as it has a large cushioning pad at the top.

Of course, like many headsets the length of each side can be adjusted individually.

We see that each cup has a pivot half way down allowing the bottom of the ear cup to bend out slightly so that it can fit nicely on your head and seal well around your ears.

The ear cups are a fairly simple affair and have a large cushioning pad round the outside. Each ear cup has a 40mm diameter driver which is fairly hefty but is fitted into quite a small space.

On the left-hand side there is a lot more going on, for starters this is where the microphone is mounted from using a simple pivot which cleverly mutes the microphone when you rotate it into the up position.

The microphone is slightly flexible but will only allow you to adjust it very slightly but not in terms of length. This does allow you to move it right out of the way of your mouth while still allowing your friends to hear you.

Also on this left-hand side are the controls for this headset. You have both a volume up and a volume down button as well as a play/pause button and a skip button. These buttons are fairly large and easy to press without looking.

Also on the ‘back’ of this cup is the on-off switch which is a bit smaller but still in a good place to press while taking the headset off your head (in one smooth movement!).

We have as such saved one of the most important parts of this headset to the end, as its wireless its battery powered and as such you need to be able to re-charge this headset. At the bottom of the left-hand ear cup is a USB connection – USB charging cable supplied.

Although they don’t supply a mains charger they are not hard to come by and you may already have one for another device.

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